Purpose: The internship program exists to provide qualified college level, Bachelor-program students with real-world ministry experience under the supervision of an experienced Christian leader/pastor.  This program will provide funding for the academic and ministerial preparation of called pastoral ministry students through internships within the TXM network of approved and partnering churches.


  • Interns are to serve Texas churches only.

  • Only junior or senior level Christian Ministry degree seeking students from Church of God institutions are eligible.

  • Internship duration is a minimum of 10 weeks, generally conducted during summer months.

  • Prospective participants will first be screened, approved and recommended by the local academic institution through whatever means the institution determines effective for said recommendation.  Coordination between the partnering academic institution and the TXM State Administrator’s office will be made to help ensure the recommended intern is matched to a suitable TXM congregation.

  • The scholarship distribution will be applied only to tuition up to the amount of $5,000, as designated by the academic institution. The academic institution from which the intern originates will also perform processing of all scholarship funds.

  • The internship job description will vary based on the discretion of the local church hosting the intern.  This job description will be generated in concert with the State Administrator’s office.

  • The local congregation will be responsible for room and board. Additional stipends are encouraged and arranged at the approval of the State Administrator’s office.  The recommended stipend is $150.00-200.00 per week, but generosity for ministry students should always be sought when possible.

  • The local congregation will develop a concurrent educational plan for helping interns thrive during this process. This plan should be developed in concert with the State Administrator’s office.

  • Interns selected are responsible for transportation to and from the internship site.


1. Submit request form to the state office along with supporting documents (not all requests for interns may be granted).

2. Complete job description.

3. Complete educational plan.

4. The State Administrator’s office will coordinate with the educational institution to provide the most viable match for the intern and congregation.

5. An interview between potential intern and congregation will occur.

6. When a “yes” for all parties exists, then the intern will formally sign the internship covenant.

7. Upon completion of the internship program, an evaluation will be provided.