Are you moving to a different state?

Steps for requesting an Inter-Assembly Transfer for Church of God Ministers:

1. Notify the Texas state pastor at and the current Texas credentials chairperson that you are moving.

2.  Request a transfer of credentials to your new assembly by submitting the Release of Information Form AND the Transfer Form, linked below.

3. Notify your new assembly credentials chairperson of your arrival and provide them with necessary contact information. Their contact information may be found in a current Church of God Yearbook.

4. Notify Church of God Ministries in Anderson if you have a change of address, email address, or phone number. You should do this on their website (log in if you already have an account; create an account if you don't). 

Failure to obtain an Inter-Assembly Transfer from your previous Assembly Credentials Chairperson could result in being omitted from the Church of God Yearbook.  It is critical that you contact your assembly credentials office immediately to complete your transfer process.

Release of Information Form

The Release of Information Form can be hand signed online.  If you have any questions, please contact David Kufeldt,

Transfer Form

The Transfer Form is also completed online.