So you sense a call to ministry?  What do you do now?

We know the process can seem a bit overwhelming at times, so we have broken it down for you.  The first step is to formally tell us here in Texas that you believe you are being led to apply for ordination credentials with the Church of God Ministries, Anderson, IN. That is the initial phase, and the steps to do that are given here. 

Read and submit the following:

Step 3

Once these three steps are completed and recorded, you will receive an e-mail or phone call from the Texas Ministries Office or from a member of the TXM Credentials Commitee to discern your ministry call and to discuss next steps in the credentialing application process.  These are just the first steps.


Candidates are guided through the entire credentialing process by the Texas Church of God Credentials Committee.  The process typically includes additional documentation including personal references, study and reporting through a program called Leadership Focus and periodic update meetings with the Credentials Committee.