Multiplication is the story of God’s people. In the beginning, it was biological multiplication as he commanded his creation to go out and multiply (Genesis 1:22). The principle comes in clearer view as Abraham receives an invitation to a covenant of expansion. (Genesis 12:1)

As the story of the children of God unfolds, one learns God welcomes those who are outside the covenant into fellowship with his people (Leviticus 19:22). In the New Testament, two critical passages speak to multiplication: (Matthew 28:18-20) and (Acts 1:8). In the Acts of the Apostles, one readily sees the expansion of the church through the strategy of community building.

These often-small fellowships spread across the region became the expansionary points for the new church. Great catalysts following the Reformation were responsible for further expanding the church. These include Calvin, Wesley, the Moravians, and others. This work hasn’t stopped — because people still need to personally know Jesus in a language and culture, even sub-cultures, which best connects to them.

We are here to do our share to make this happen. We believe there are at least four options available to partner with us in advancing the multiplication of the gospel.

I am an ordained pastor wanting to plant a new church.

I have a group of people who need a pastor.

I am a layperson willing to move to help someone plant a new church.

I want to give finances, land, or other assets to help a new church get started.

If one of these calls your name, please click the button below to complete our Church Multiplication Form. Someone will be in touch within 72 hours.