What is Awaken Texas?

A state-wide movement of prayer and fasting on unifying the church to strategically pray for and bless the churches in Texas, one person at a time. 

When is Awaken Texas?

21 Days: Monday, February 6th - Sunday, February 26th, 2023. 

Where is Awaken Texas?

This 21 day journey of prayer and fasting will take place wherever you are located day-in and day-out. This is about mobilizing the church to pray for and bless our state in all of the places we live, work, play, and learn. 

Who is Awaken Texas for?

This is for any Jesus follower willing to identify people in their life that are far from God and earnestly pray for them, fasting as God leads, for 21 straight days: February 6th - February 26th.


  • Please email us at info@texaschurchofgod.org to let us know that your church will be joining with other churches across Texas for the 21 days of prayer. The only commitment is praying and mobilizing your church to pray.
  • There will be a devotional written specifically for our TXM Pastors and leaders and will be available February 6th on Youversion Bible App. Follow along on our Facebook and E-news. 
  • Encourage and mobilize people to personally engage in the ways included below: "How Can I Be Involved?" 


  • Identify people in your life who you believe are far from God. If needed, signup for a free account at blesseveryhome.com to help you identify neighbors around you.
  • Commit to pray every day for the 21 days, fasting as the Lord leads you, for the people on your list.
  • Trust God to help you bless those on your list with practical expressions of God's love, hopefully also with good news of the Gospel. 

Do you have a burden that is pressing upon you?  Do you need prayer?  WE ARE a praying people.  TXM has a prayer team who invite you to submit your prayer request (strict confidence assured).  We are praying for you!