The Texas Ministries of the Church of God is a collection of imperfect congregations and leaders serving a perfect God. As you explore our website, you'll discover more about our Assembly and it’s mission in the world. It will also help you find the information and resources you need to do better ministry.


We admit that being the royal priesthood of God is not easy, but we are committed to reclaiming our heritage as the dynamic and fruitful church of God demonstrated in the Acts of the Apostles. More to the point, we are in the reclamation business—changing the world by taking back what Hell has stolen. Our call is simple and clear: to expand the Kingdom of God.  Whenever a church is planted, the Kingdom expands. Whenever a person says, “Yes,” to the call of ministry, the Kingdom expands. Whenever a soul is redeemed, the Kingdom expands.  Whenever light penetrates the darkness, justice prevails over injustice, knowledge replaces ignorance, and healing mends what is broken, the Kingdom expands. Whenever Jesus is owned as Lord where once He was not, the Kingdom expands.


Hell has stolen much; Heaven’s design is to take it back. Jesus is the Way. These words are more than ideals—they are marching orders.


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